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Constantin Swiridoff


Constantin Swiridoff (*1961) is a management consultant with more than 30 years of expertise in the areas of strategy, corporate culture, marketing and communication, preferably for SMEs and owner-managed, internationally active companies with up to approx. 2,500 employees.

Swiridoff speaks five languages (D, GB, F, I, E) and lives with his partner in Goldach (SG). He is the father of four children, is a passionate cook, reads a lot, collects art and still travels far too little outside of his professional activities.

CV Constantin Swiridoff

Move to Switzerland, foundation of swiridoff | consulting in Goldach.
The focus is on management consulting in the areas of strategy, corporate culture, marketing and communication, preferably for SMEs and owner-managed, internationally active companies with up to approx. 2,500 employees. The roots of swiridoff | consulting go back to 1986 (see below).

SINCE 2015
Lecturer at DHBW Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Ravensburg.
For Swiridoff more of a hobby than a job and only sporadically.
– Corporate publishing / content strategies / online / offline
– Employer branding

SINCE 2013
Managing Director of Magellan Verlag GmbH, Vienna
(since 2018 sole shareholder)
– Publishing house for culture and economy
– Corporate Communications
– Corporate Publishing
– Content Marketing
– Employer branding
– Internal communication
– Editorial consulting

2003 TO 2013
Development and management of the djd regional office in Munich, djd deutsche journalisten dienste, Munich

Development from 2003 and management until June 2013 djd regional office Munich as an independent consultant.
The djd deutsche journalisten dienste are market leaders in Germany in the area of public PR. Very good cooperation with the founder of the company, Uwe Still. With his sale of the company in 2013, the cooperation also ended.
Focus: PR campaigns in print, online, radio and TV.
More than one hundred customers, including MSD (pharmaceuticals), Organon (pharmaceuticals), Pioneer (investment funds), Wirecard (financial service providers) and many more, as well as around two dozen PR and advertising agencies in the greater Munich/Southern Bavaria area.

2003 TO 2006
Founder and managing partner of OCC onpact corporate communications GmbH, Munich
OCC was successfully positioned as a special service provider in the field of corporate publishing (customer and employee magazines) and was later taken over by Süddeutscher Verlag. Today it operates under the name of SZ Scala. Under Swiridoff’s leadership, development and support of successful titles that have received multiple awards (Best of CP).
Topics include: exhibition architecture, education, biotechnology, lifestyle, employer branding.

2000 TO 2003
Creative director (text/conception) and operational management, geva agency for marketing and communication GmbH, Munich
– Marketing consulting
– Business development
– Employee communication
– Corporate Publishing
– HR marketing
– Employer branding
Customers: Allianz, ARAG, Audi, BMW, BSH Bosch and Siemens household appliances, Deutsche Bank, geva Institute, Postbank and many more

1986 TO 2018
Swiridoff – management consultancy with a focus on marketing and communication
Until the end of 1999 in Schwäbisch Hall, from 2000 in Munich.
Focus: Integrated marketing and communication solutions along the entire value chain of companies.
– Classic advertising
– Corporate Communications
– Development of emerging markets
– Business model development
– Digitalization
– Product communication
– B2B, B2C business development
– Customer loyalty programs, customer card systems, couponing
– Development of specialist trade cooperations (Europe-wide)
– Public Relations
– Content Marketing / Corporate Publishing
– Pharma
– Employer branding
– HR marketing
– Trade fairs and events
– Image film
– Online
– Internal communication
– Sales Promotion
Customers include: Würth Group (assembly technology), Würth France (assembly technology), Würth España (assembly technology), Recaro Aircraft Seating (passenger seats), Reca Norm (standard parts, fastening technology), SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach, Matra AG, CH (Swissflex, bed systems), Dauny, CH (quilts), Christian Fischbacher, CH (bed linen), DVA Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Organon (Pharma), Novosis AG (Pharma), Hexal (Pharma), UCB Pharma, Pronovis (Healthcare), Acino, CH (Pharma ), Colliers International (real estate), Makalali (travel), Minotel (hotels).

1985 TO 1986
military service in Germany

1982 TO 1985
Advertising manager Würth France S.à.rl, F-67150 Erstein
– Intensive support of the sales force
– Trade fairs, congresses
– Sales equipment, promotional materials
– CD development and implementation
– Further development of presentation systems and company fleet equipment
– Presentations, reports
– Seller motivation/incentive programs
As part of his work, he looks inside more than 200 service, commercial, craft and industrial companies throughout France.

1981 TO 1996
Assistant Paul Swiridoff, photography Paul Swiridoff, Schwäbisch Hall
Occasional assistance to photographer Paul Swiridoff (1914-2002), father of Constantin Swiridoff. He was considered one of the most important and successful photographers in the German-speaking world with a focus on architecture, industry and, above all, portraits. Paul Swiridoff has published more than 50 illustrated books, most recently “Faces of an Epoch” in 1997 by Belser Verlag, Stuttgart, a masterpiece with around 150 portraits of the most influential personalities of the second half of the 20th century in the German-speaking world from culture and science, politics and business.

1981 TO 1983
Law studies, Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg

1979 TO 1981
Company training in the parental publishing house/agency Verlag Paul Swiridoff GmbH, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall
Due to an exceptional family situation, he quickly assumed responsibility for customer magazines. In particular for the magazine of the Würth Group (Würth-report), which is published two to four times a year in 12 languages, more than 20 country editions and a total circulation of up to 750,000 copies. appears per issue.

– English
– French
– Italian
– Spanish

Professional associations / commitments

– 1986 to 2017 member of the German Communication Association (BDW)
– SINCE 1986 member of DPRG, German Public Relations Society
– 1985 to 2017 member of the DMV, German Marketing Association, Marketing Club Heilbronn (until 2001), from 2001 Marketing Club Munich
– SINCE 1980 journalist in the DJV, German Association of Journalists and since 2002 in the BJV, Bavarian Association of Journalists
– 1982 to 1990 member of the press spokesman working group in the Association of Publishers and Bookstores in the German Book Trade Association.

Team and Network


It is in the nature of things that it neither makes sense nor is it even possible for a management consultancy that is as small as it is fine to keep all the resources available in-house. That’s why we put together an individual interdisciplinary team for each project that is perfectly suited to your topic and your requirements.

In more than 30 years of consulting work, we have built up a solid network of well over one hundred specialists from science, business and trade. People who are honest and reliable and who work precisely for us and therefore also for you.

Project management and responsibility lie exclusively with us at all times.
No ifs and buts.