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Your management consultancy with more than 30 years of expertise in the areas of strategy, corporate culture, marketing and communication, preferably for SMEs and owner-managed, internationally active companies with up to approx. 2,500 employees.

“Our USP? – The holistic view from the outside with over 30 years of experience:
Respectful and at eye level on a personal level, direct, open and honest on the matter.
Even if it hurts sometimes. That saves a lot of time, yours and ours.

The result is all the more convincing: from a single source, successful today and
sustainable in perspective.”

Constantin Swiridoff


Our consulting fields




Vision / Strategy / Concept

Companies are experiencing a radical industrial, social and political upheaval unprecedented in history. So it’s high time to question EVERYTHING, to ensure success today and to activate your own environment and all stakeholders with a powerful, future-oriented vision.

Business Model development

Everything is in flux and what was successful yesterday may already be forgotten tomorrow. That’s why it may only need an evolution of your business model, but possibly also a revolution. Keyword disruptive business models, not only against the background of digital, but also of social change.

Marketing / Communication

Shaping change: With our integrated 360° approach, we have been ahead for decades, especially when it comes to demanding topics and target groups. Not just content marketing or storytelling, but efficient support in the form of marketing, tools, communication and training for your sales. Totally unexcited.

Corporate Culture

Especially on the threshold of a new era, it is important to take an honest look at your own corporate culture, to question it intensively and to develop it carefully and authentically. But the way there should never be determined by wanting, but exclusively by being.

Training, Coaching, Moderation

Coaching the CEO or the management team? Moderate a tricky meeting? Or “just” the intensive training of your project team in the field of content marketing, for example?
Gladly, well and very professionally, at your site or in our well-equipped and spacious premises in Goldach (SG).

Text / Ghostwriting / Editing

Sophisticated texts that work: When it comes to the big picture. If you, as a managing director or board member, need or want to communicate with customers, employees, shareholders or stakeholders.
Or if you need a temporary editorial team for a specific project, for example.

Pharma / Healthcare

Actually, we don’t think much of so-called industry competence. Because every product, every company wants to be looked at “newly”. Only in the pharmaceutical sector do strict regulatory restrictions apply almost worldwide. And we know them from almost 20 years of intensive work for international pharmaceutical markets.

Sparring partner / Feedback instance

We give you our valuable outsider’s view of your project, your company, your campaign, your idea: Because that’s what we have over you as a qualified outsider.
Or you can book us as a sparring partner, for example for a project idea. We can already promise you: The exchange works!

Agency and Pitch advice

Frustration often arises in the relationship between customer and agency, usually just because of a mutual lack of understanding. From our internal perspective of many hundreds of companies and from working with dozens of agencies, we are able to design the processes in advance in such a way that there are no frictional losses.